Faculty Workshop on Race & Whiteness

Following the enthusiastic response to our faculty meeting last April on race and whiteness, the Diversity Committee has organized a workshop with an outside consultant to help us continue to address these issues at the Center level in a supportive and holding way.

The workshop will be conducted by Diane Goodman, EdD, an experienced group leader in this area (Diane Goodman), and will focus at a deep level on issues of race and whiteness specifically relevant to our Mitchell Center community.

As Relational thinkers, we believe in the importance of on-going personal self-examination, and invite Center faculty to join in the collaborative experience of grappling together with issues of diversity, difference and intersectionality as they affect our personal lives, our Center, and our clinical and supervisory practice.

Time and Date: 10a-4p, Saturday 1/11/20
Location: 355 Riverside Dr., Apt 2W on 108th Street